Selasa, 02 Oktober 2012

'Silly boy' Shelvey says sorry

Shelvey and Ferguson: United manager accepts apology

The Reds midfielder was sent off for a foul on Jonny Evans shortly before half-time in a highly-charged encounter at Anfield.

Twenty-year-old Shelvey aimed a verbal tirade at the United manager as he headed for the tunnel, feeling that Ferguson had influenced the decision by referee Mark Halsey.

However Shelvey, now serving a three-match ban, has revealed that he sought out the United boss immediately after the end of the game to offer an apology.

"I'm a young boy and I was frustrated because it was a big game," said Shelvey. "You come from a council house and before you know it you're playing Man United.

"Emotions probably got the better of me. I was a bit of a silly boy, for having a word with him like that. But I pulled him afterwards and apologised.

"Thankfully, he recognised that it took a man to apologise and hopefully there are no hard feelings there."

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