Senin, 14 Januari 2013

Fergie: I don't check on Liverpool

Liverpool go into Sunday's clash with Manchester United in eighth place, 21 points behind their league-leading rivals.

And it seems Ferguson no longer regards them as a threat in the Premier League, apart from when the pair face each other.

He's quoted as saying, when the gap between the two was pointed out: "I never even thought about that until it was mentioned on TV. I don't really look at that.

"I look at that mob that's behind us, don't worry. I look at my immediate opponents all the time. I look at their programme, who they've got next, who we've got next. I do that all the time.

"Last year, we were 30 points ahead of Arsenal - and I'd never have thought that would happen in a million years given the rivalry we've had with them over the last 20 years.

"Liverpool is still a big rivalry. I know City have become a new challenge over the past five years, but Liverpool have always been the one for us - and nothing will change that. "

Ferguson was also asked about Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, who was reportedly approached by United some years ago.

"Could you imagine me going to bed at night having taken Gerrard off Liverpool?" he said.

"Along with Graeme Souness, he's probably the best midfield player Liverpool have ever had, although I have Souness just above them all.

"It's amazing that he has played every minute of every game in the Premier League this season - and at the age of 33."

Journalists also enquired as to whether he thought it was a shame that Gerrard had ever won the league: "I don't think it's a pity he hasn't won the league. Are you joking?"

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