Jumat, 11 Januari 2013

'Victimisation' could drive Suarez away

The former Liverpool director of football told the BBC that the 'victimisation' of the Uruguayan forward could mean he leaves the club and the country.

"It'll be an absolute shame for English football if this victimisation drives him away," Comolli told BBC Sport.

"As the biggest league in the world you want to keep the biggest players, not drive them away for crazy reasons."

Comolli was baffled as to why the negatives of Suarez's character are highlighted, rather than the positives.

He said: "I find it extremely hard to understand why people look at all the bad aspects and not how good the player is.

"He is a fantastic individual and professional - totally committed to his club, team-mates and job. He'll give you everything, he's a winner.

"People need to be very careful what they say and stop criticising him. He's someone you'd want to go to war alongside. I don't think you can captain Ajax as a foreigner at 21 years of age if you're not a great individual."

Comolli was the man in place when Liverpool spent heavily on below-par recruits such as Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson, but he has no regrets about his work at Anfield.

"I don't have any regrets about players we brought in and I'm sure Kenny is the same," he said.

"You cannot buy young players and not be able to wait for their talent to develop. We brought in very good players.

"Against Sunderland there were no new recruits in the team. Jordan got a standing ovation, Stewart has been playing every game. You need to give players time. They will develop and become very good players."

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