Jumat, 11 Januari 2013

Rodgers has 'added value' to Liverpool

Rodgers believes his methods have improved the likes of Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson and Jose Enrique, who were signed for around 40million last summer, but have all underperformed in their time on Merseyside.

So much so that they were all thought to be on their way out of the door at Anfield for knockdown prices, but Rodgers believes he has boosted their value.

He's quoted as saying in The Guardian: "It is all about the materials. I am not a magician. I will be able to improve players - that is my work and I have confidence in that.

"If I look at the first six months, I believe there has been improvement in a lot of the players. I will be able to rinse everything that I possibly can out of them, but the bottom line is about talent. If you don't initially have that then it can be difficult.

"That is also why I was brought in here, because we will get talents and we will try to maximise what we can out of players.

"You look at J ordan Henderson, Stewart Downing and Jos Enrique since the start of the season and we have added value back to them. Absolutely. That is the job of the manager and the coach, as well as winning games.

"My job is to improve players in every aspect of their game and that is something we will look to do because we don't have the resources of the top clubs who are out there paying big money.

"We won't have that. So we have to find the difference through coaching."

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