Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

Returning Borini looking ahead

Fabio Borini: Back after injury

The 21-year-old striker made only five appearances in the Barclays Premier League for the Reds before sustaining the injury, but is now fit and played the final half an hour of Sunday's 2-1 defeat by Manchester United.

Borini, a summer recruit from Roma, now has competition from January signing Daniel Sturridge as well as Luis Suarez, but is hoping to show Liverpool fans what he can do.

"When I was stood on the touchline, I felt good", said Borini of Sunday's Old Trafford appearance.

"All the memories of the last three months and the things I've been through went from my mind. I put all my worries and the bad things about the injury behind me, and looked forward to all the positive things on the pitch.

"It was extremely frustrating because in the last three years I have got injured for three months every year in October.

"I haven't played a full season yet because of those injuries, but I hope they'll stop. It's just been bad luck a nd nothing about me. They've been different injuries each time.

"My Liverpool career is actually starting now, I think. I'd only played five league games and six or seven games in the Europa League, which is not a lot.

"It really starts now with great intensity week in, week out to get playing again."

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